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Vintage Wheels 407SSP Wheels

407SSP Shelby wheels are now available in gray centers with polished highlights. We have custom polished the outer ring of the wheel centers and also the tips of the outer spokes. This is a Vintage Wheels exclusive and creates a very high-end wheel for a reasonable price. Now offering the new Shelby five-lug rim with soft look, allowing for a high offset or deep dish. These wheels with a high offset are perfect for new generation and retro muscle cars, such as the Mustang, Camaro, Corvette and Challenger.  With a low offset, they compliment vintage ’60s and ’70s muscle cars and pro touring projects. Available in 17- to 20-inch diameters in several offsets. 

 Vintage Wheels  |  14805 Fisher Cv.  |  Del Mar, CA 92014

888-339-7572  |  vintagewheel@live.com  |  www.vintagewheelsus.com

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