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						Stealth Black Magnum 500

Stealth Black Magnum 500 alloys

The classic look of the Magnum 500 wheel is unmistakable. Seen on everything from Mustangs to Mopars, AMCs, Pontiacs and others, the Magnum 500 is a muscle car-era icon. If you’re looking to keep the classic look but add some attitude, these Stealth Black Magnum 500 alloys from Scott Drake could fit the bill. Ditching the heavy steel construction, these Magnum 500s are CNC-machined from aluminum alloy and coated in a satin-black finish. Wheels are available in 15- by 7-inch size with 5- by 4.5-inch bolt spacing and 4.25-inch backspacing, fitting ’64 to ’73 Mustangs or anything else with these specs.

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