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Seduction Motorsports Offers Financing

Financing your dream car is not very easy when you plan to build it yourself. The bank might help you out if you’re looking for a new Mustang, but not so much for what is, legally, a collection of car parts. The car-building community will suggest a couple alternatives including a home equity loan or borrowing and paying back from your 401K, but these options are fairly daunting. Understanding these difficulties, Seduction Motorsports will now be offering their customers financing options.

With four lenders lined up, including Chase Bank, Seduction is offering financing for 550 Spyders and 356 Pre-A Coupes. Financing is available for basic kits, complete kits, and also turnkey configurations. This move gives potential buyers access to more appealing financing options, and more importantly, access to their dream car.

For more info, email sales@seductionmotorsports.com.

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