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Seduction Motorsports auctions a 550 Spyder for JDRF

By Dean Larson

Photos courtesy of Seduction Motorsports

Daniel Verwers of Seduction Motorsports has definitely made a name for himself with Porsche replicas. His Speedsters and Spyders are standouts with aggressive paintwork and a long list of technical improvements over the original designs. This Outlaw 550 Spyder, one of his most recent projects, retains very little of its original Volkswagen-based design, and is set to be auctioned for a special cause.

The Seduction Motorsports 550 Spyder starts with a steel tubular chassis that far exceeds the traditional VW pan in torsional rigidity and strength. The company has been known to utilize VW, Porsche and Subaru engines, and this example uses a built 2,054cc VW Type 1 engine from CB Performance making 140 hp. Transmitting power to the wheels is Seduction’s own 3.44 Pro-Street transaxle, and disc brakes are found at all four corners. A completely adjustable suspension design consists of height and rebound-adjustable RideTech shocks, dual adjustable front torsion beam and tubular rear trailing arms. 

Bonded and bolted to the frame is a hand-laid fiberglass body finished in a glossy Nardo gray paint. Exterior details like the wide 5 wheels, rear grills and light bezels have gloss black finishes and removable yellow meatball graphics break up the side profile.

Spyders from Seduction usually feature exceptional interior work, and this one leaves nothing to be desired. Black alcantara and yellow stitching is found on the seats and door cards and fits well with the wood Nardi steering wheel. While most parking brake levers are not worth commenting on, this stainless steel unit has a cool mechanical appeal. For the most part, it’s original an Porsche layout, but Seduction has redesigned the ratchet lever and internal spring for improved action.

The Spyder is currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com, a collector car auction site. Auctions on the site typically last seven days with bidding heating up in the final minutes. The reserve price of the Spyder is the build cost, and all proceeds over the reserve will go to JDRF, an organization for research and treatment of Type I Diabetes. The cause is a personal one for Verwers, as he was diagnosed with Type I at age 15. 



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