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Mercury Racing SB4 7.0 crate engine

Mercury SB4 7.0

Unveiled at the 2016 SEMA Show, Mercury Racing has a new high-tech 7.0-liter crate engine making 775 hp from the factory. The SB4 7.0 starts with a General Motors LS block, which is then fitted with Mercury DOHC heads and built internals to create an 8,000 rpm spinning monster.

The SB4 features cast DOHC, four-valve cylinder heads designed by Mercury and built by Edelbrock. This design improves intake and exhaust port flow over the standard two-valve design. To keep up with the new heads, all new internals were added to the LS block, including Callies DragonSlayer crank, Carrillo connecting rods and Mahle pistons. Every part of the engine was designed for maximum performance at high rpm, including a dual throttle bodied intake manifold and hydraulically damped timing belt tensioner. The final result is a compact package making 775 hp at 7,500 rpm with an 8,000 rpm redline.

Mercury Racing named fellow Wisconsin company SpeedKore Performance Group as the exclusive distributor of the new SB4 crate engine.

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