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						Engine Factory Ford Cobra Engine
Engines of Desire

Engine Factory custom crate engines

The Engine Factory has been selling custom crate engines for car builders of kinds for two decades now. While carbureted versions have always been demand for its standby powerplants (Ford 302, 347 stroker, 351W, 427W stroker and the 350 Chevy), over the past five years the company has seen a growing trend in EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) models. Where once it was perhaps ratio of 90 percent carb to 10 percent EFI , it’s now close to 50/50 ratio. 

Even so, people often ask what are the advantages of EFI. “There isn’t necessarily a cut-and-dry answer to this question,” notes Christian Nelson of The Engine Factory. “So we break down the pros vs cons of each.” 

He sums it up this way: “If your using the car as a weekend warrior and generally staying close to home with limited mileage, a carburetor is a great way to go. But for someone that will drive the car more extensively on long cruises, high elevations, and probably experience more consistency off throttle, then the EFI setup is a nice way of going.” 

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