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Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 repair and upgrade manual

By - Steve Temple

Our man in the U.K., Rob Hawkins, a regular contributor to ReinCarNation magazine, has written a book for fans of the Mazda Miata, which covers various aspects of maintenance and modifications for the MkI and MkII models. It’s clearly a valuable resource for anyone considering a Miata-based project car, which we feature often.

The book’s step-by-step guides provide detailed information on work ranging from basics such as changing fluids to more extensive jobs, including stripping a car. This book shows how to remove the body shell and outlines several kits that are based around this hugely popular sports car. If you’re interested in upgrading a Miata, there are also chapters showing how to fit a roll cage, add a supercharger and fit Jenvey throttle bodies.d

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Having owned a MkII Miata for the last five years, Hawkins speaks from experience in covering common problems concerning the hood, ABS sensors, fuel pump and bodywork corrosion. The info on soundproofing a Miata might initially seem pointless for an open-top sports car that’s going to be noisy anyway, but a firsthand installation taught him otherwise. After soundproofing his own MkII Miata, he was surprised by how many panel rattles and vibrations were eliminated.

The balance between maintenance and modifications isn’t entirely even. Brakes for instance, are covered in-depth, showing how to service and renew stock items, but the modifications only cover fitting four-pot front calipers and braided steel flexi-hoses. There’s a similar detailed section on renewing the suspension springs and shocks, but little discussion on lowering springs and aftermarket shocks, yet six pages showing how to fit polyurethane suspension bushes. (Perhaps a volume two will be forthcoming?) However, there’s enough information and detailed guides to help most Miata owners, whether you want to keep a car stock or turn it into a replica project. 

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