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						Healy Mazda Mx5 Enigma 14
Damage Report

Healey Mazda Miata

After a 60mph impact? “Just a scratch, really—no permanent tissue damage,” as Monty Python might say. From the accident photos, it looks like a real wallop, but the car remained remarkably intact. The only broken items included the top suspension wishbone, plus a bent strut, misaligned subframe (probable bent bolt), radiator, and A/C radiator. Surprisingly, while the chassis paint was badly scratched, the frame was not bent. Other needed repairs: fiberglass front end, side panel, grille and lower front valance, plus door skins, lights,  horn, wheel and tire.

“If I was in a MX5, I would have been cut out!” Roots exclaims. “It is so solid, the chassis is bullet proof. This crash dummy gives it two thumbs 

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