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ICON's Bronco Goes Old School

ICON Old School BR Bronco

The recent unveiling of Chevrolet’s new Blazer crossover had diehard GM fans protesting the use of the legendary 4x4 name. While we’d all love to see Ford debut a rugged and sporty new 4x4 to carry the Bronco name, it’s likely to receive a similar treatment. Longing for a vintage Bronco off-roader without the requisite rust? ICON’s new Old School BR model could be the nostalgic Bronco you had in mind right off the showroom floor.

ICON’s BR line of Bronco off-roaders takes the classic design to new heights with significantly upgraded suspension, modern running gear and various custom-machined parts. But ICON’s founder and lead designer Jonathan Ward explained that the company wants to expand offerings to include more stock-looking options. The Old School BR model will fill the gap, boasting some of the standard BR’s upgrades, but in a more traditional Bronco package.

Combining the various trim levels of the ’66 to ’77 Bronco together (Sport, Explorer and Ranger), the ICON Old School BR has honest looks with interesting details throughout. The sheet metal is original, but all badges and lighting are unique. ICON even utilized the original Bronco font to create their own fender badges. Instead of the modern alloy wheels found on the standard BR, the Old School version rides on 18-inch steel wheels and all-terrain tires.

To power the new model, ICON stuck to its roots, shoehorning in a new 420+ hp 5.0-liter engine with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. An Advance Adaptors transfer case and DANA 44 and 60 axles complete the driveline. On the interior, you’ll find a mix of original and modern features. The layout could pass for original at a glance, but the company has also incorporated a Bluetooth sound system, GPS navigation and custom switch gear.

The company has yet to release pricing information, but states that the Old School model has a lesser lead time than the standard BR. Check out www.icon4x4.com for more information.

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