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						Automotive Touchup Paint Pens
Good Penmanship for Fixing Paint Scratches

AutomotiveTouchup Touchup Paint Pen series

AutomotiveTouchup has released its Touchup Paint Pen series. Clean, convenient and cost-effective, the pens make DIY automotive touchup work quick and easy. AutomotiveTouchup offers high-quality, custom-specified paints beautifully matched to your vehicle’s original factory colors and applied through a DIY paint pen system for a professional look. Choices include pens for primer, base coat and clear coat.

Jeremy Thurnau, president of Microfinish (the parent corporation of AutomotiveTouchup) notes that, “We use only top-tier brand paint in our precision-driven process, which formulates more than 60,000 original OEM colors and employs more than 300,000 custom mixed formulas.”

AutomotiveTouchup offers an exclusive color match guarantee and an impressively large database of paint-code colors. It manufactures specialty automotive paint, aerosol spray paint cans, touchup bottles, touchup paint pens and more from its facility in New Orleans.

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