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Don't Mess With Texas, or at Least Their DMV

Texas revokes VW-based buggy titles

The Texas DMV has recently starting hating on fiberglass. Specifically fiberglass that re-covers a VW Bug body and takes the form of a dune buggy. That's right, Manx-lovers, Texas has officially begun revoking registrations on dune buggies and sand rails.

Several years ago the state's lawmakers decided that re-bodied buggies could no longer be registered in the Lone Star State. More recently they broadened the restriction to include previously titled buggies from other states. Owners of buggies that had already registered their vehicles thought they were safe. Until now.

A letter from the Texas DMV shared by a member of the Save the Texas Dune Buggy, Sand Rail & Kit Car Facebook group claims to have "erroneously" issued title and registration to a dune buggy owner back in April, 2013. Now, some 4 years later, Texas delivered the news that this particular owner needs to turn in their title, windshield sticker and license plates for cancelation. They are even so kind as to include a business reply envelope to return the revoked registration evidence.

While this is currently isolated to Texas, concerns have been made that other re-bodied cars could be next and Texas may be setting the precedent for other states to follow suit. While perhaps unlikely, Texas currently seems to only have it in for the more off-road-dutied vehicles like sand rails and buggies, it's still not all that far-fetched that they could move into other "kit" and re-bodied cars.

If you're from Texas, or even if you're not, you may want to watch this movement closely. We encourage everyone to jump onboard and let Lone Star officials know – Don't Mess With Manxes.

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