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CRS, Inc.

Locost Seven parts and cars from CRS, Inc.

Established in 1983, CRS, Inc. serves the custom coachwork and fine automobile restoration needs in southeastern states. Great fun on a low budget, the CapeFear7 is designed in this spirit. A 1990 to 2005 Mazda Miata is the only donor car needed and we supply the rest of the parts you will need to complete the basic autocross car. Want a different power train or a different look? We can make it happen. CRS also offers Locost 7 nose cones and scuttles for the 442e design, along with our other parts to help the Locost builder complete their car.

 CRS, Inc.  |  1632 N Kerr Ave.  |  Wilmington, NC 28405

910-547-3236  |  david@capefear7.com  |  www.capefear7.com 

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