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B Rod or Custom P7 Mustang Platform

Improved Mustang chassis and suspension from B Rod or Custom

Over the years, B Rod or Custom has modified and rebuilt several early-generation Mustangs. Through this steady line of Ford classics, Larry and PJ found recurring issues that presented unique opportunities. First up was the lack of quality suspension components that could effectively accommodate today’s amped up driving demands. An even greater need however was a custom chassis platform designed specifically to replace the weak, rusty factory designs of yesteryear. The solution? B Rod or Custom’s brand new CAD-engineered platform… made to custom fit a Mustang but also a client’s specific automobile as well!

 B Rod or Custom, Inc.  |  372 Drummer Ln.  |  Knoxville, TN 37924

865-281-8821  |  larry@brodorcustom.com  |  www.b-rodorcustom.com

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