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Plum-Crazed Exocet

By Dean Larson

We love the idea behind the Exomotive Exocet: A affordable Ariel Atom based on rock-solid Miata components that’s been over engineered for sky’s-the-limit performance. If you’re on the lookout for a completed exo-car on a budget, we’re quite fond of this Exocet for sale on eBay.

The build consists of a 2012 Exocet kit that’s been completed with 1990 Miata running gear. The first-generation Miata donor gave up its fuel injected, 1.6-liter engine, five-speed transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, double-wishbone suspension and as many odds and ends as possible. Before assembly, the 1.6 liter was completely rebuilt and treated to some small modifications, so we’ll assume it makes it’s making close to the original 115 flywheel-horsepower. The exo-chassis is unfortunately a ’12 model year, which just misses the complete re-engineering of the chassis that was done in 2013, but we’re sure the original design is no slouch. The chassis is also a Sport model, which beefs up the roll bar for track use and is set up for 4+ point harnesses.

The built was completed with a nod towards the latest import-car trends. The dark purple accents and simulated carbon fiber create a very modern looking exterior. A set of color-matched coilovers provides fully adjustable ride height and suspends the car over a nice set of Traklite three-piece wheels. The Exoset is also rear-wheel drive, so you can be assured that the rear wing is not there for looks alone.

The seller claims over 30K has been invested in the Exocet, and that’s believable with the long list of new parts and work done, but we think a faster Exocet could be built for the coin if you prefer to invest less in cosmetics. There’s no Buy-it-Now price, but the current bid is up to $14,000 with less than three days left in the auction

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