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						Craft Fe Engine
An even bigger big-block 427

Craft Performance Engines 427 stroker

While the 427 FE Side Oiler is traditionally the engine of choice for a big-block Cobra, Craft Performance Engines has gone one better with a stroked version. “The 482 ci 427 stroker crate engine is our most popular FE Cobra engine,” notes Lance Smith of Craft Racing. It has a 4.25-inch stroke 4.25-inch bore, along with custom aluminum heads that are CNC-ported and assembled in-house.

“We are also one of the few companies now offering dimple porting, adopted by our Cobra guys as snakeskin porting, which helps atomization of fuel and velocity,” he adds.

The block is fully machined and blueprinted in the firm’s four-axis RMC CNC machine, and the rotating assembly is electronically balanced as well. A custom-grind hydraulic roller camshaft actuates the valvetrain. Topping the heads is an Edelbrock Performer rpm manifold and a Quickfuel 780 cfm carb.

“Most customers have a tendency to try and overcarburate these engines, but they do not drive as nice down low,” he explains. “A big carb would make more power — but only under wide-open operation.” On a standard 482 build, typically this engine delivers a very drivable 600 hp and 615 lb/ft of torque.  

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Craft Fe Engine

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