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The Best Fiberfab Jamaican Out There?

Austin-Healey based Fiberfab Jamaican

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

I’m crazy about Fiberfab Jamaicans, and if you’ve spent any time around this site, you’re surely well aware. This time, I’m going to spare you many of the details I’d normally wax on about, seeing as the car will be sold before half of you read this, but make no mistake — I do believe this might be the best Fiberfab Jamaican out there.

Fiberfab concocted the Jamaican to go along with GT40-inspired Valkyrie and Avenger models in 1968, and it seems that the majority of its visual inspiration comes from the mid-engine Lamborghini Muira. The initial Jamaican was designed as a direct replacement body for Austin-Healeys, Triumphs and MGAs, but Fiberfab eventually expanded the line to include a larger V8-powered body and chassis, along with an air-cooled VW version. The car we’re looking at today on eBay is one of these early bodies, designed for the Austin-Healey 3000.

It’s a little difficult to decipher what year this big Healey started out as, and the seller has only identified that it was rebodied in 1967. Maybe a marque expert can spot something under the hood that clears it up, but either way, all three generations of big Healeys make for spectacular drivers. This car is equipped with front discs (standard) and a four-speed transmission with the optional overdrive fitted. The exterior is finished in a dashing shade of Aston Martin light green metallic, and the 60-spoke wire wheels are wrapped in Vredestein rubber. The interior retains much of the Austin-Healey flavor and special Healey GT badging is installed on the rear of the body.

Fresh from a frame-off restoration, the seller states that everything on the car is new or rebuilt, and it really shows. The car has some serious presence, and I can’t imagine how many people would ask what type of car it is, even at the highest caliber car events. Granted, we’re only seeing photos here, but I think this rebodied Healey is more than capable of holding its own against some of the most exotic cars out there. Put simply, I really dig this Jamaican.

The current high bid in the auction sits at $35,145 with the reserve currently unmet. Located in Blaine, Washington, the Jamaican’s auction ends at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday. See the Healey-Jamaican here on eBay.

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