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This Little Healey Went to Market

Cavaliere Roadsters Mark III For Sale

Nearly 18,000 Austin Healey Mark IIIs were produced from late 1963 until 1967. Very nice original examples can be had in the $50,000 to $90,000 range. The Healey was a spirited little car and capable racer, but eventually met its track demise when the Mini Cooper began dominating the class.

Cavaliere Roadsters out of Florida offers a component Mark III in a variety of V8 flavors complete with a 12-month warranty. This little Cavaliere 3000 Mark III replica in the Phoenix area was built in 2013 and is stated to have only 100 miles on its mahogany-surrounded odometer. I find the car to be very tastefully done with ivory leather seats and a teak steering wheel. It's powered by a crate Chevy small block with unspecified performance details. The current base motor on the Cavaliere website is a 350 V8, so one can assume that's the power plant here. The best part about this little roadster is the price – the owner is asking $18,000 or best offer. Spec out a new model with a few options and you're looking at nearly 50 grand. If Austin Healeys are your thing, this is your car.

Update: Yep, you're too late. This Healey was a screaming deal, and the ad has already been removed. You gotta move fast, people.

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