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						356 Continental Kit8
RCN Feature Car Up For Auction

Porsche 356 Continental replica auctioned

By Dean Larson

Photos: Steve Temple

I get a small smile on my face anytime I happen upon a car that we’ve covered here on RCN, but particularly stoked to see this Porsche 356 coupe again, as it’s a very special car. Currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com with one day remaining in the sale, this Porsche 356 Continental replica sticks out for a few reasons.

To start things off on a personal note, this car was featured in the last issue of RCN Mag that we printed in May of 2020. It was arguably one of our best issues ever, and the little 356 looked great in its six-page fall feature. It’s also clear to see that this Porsche coupe replica is one of the most stunning and memorable 356s we’ve ever seen, with extensive effort invested in its meticulous construction. (For example, the owner sourced original Porsche rear quarter glass for the project at a cost of $1,000 each!)

Furthermore, it’s also the first customer car completed from Vintage Motorcars’ new 356 Continental body mold, giving it a unique bent windshield and wider rear quarters. Having fallen in love with a genuine 356 Continental coupe at a car show, the original owner decided he had to have one, and embarked on a two-year journey to finish the car with Vintage Motorcars. But don’t take my word for it; check out the owner’s full build experience in our May 2020 feature on the car titled “Continental Flair.”

With one day remaining in the auction, the 356 Pre-A Continental coupe has a current high bid of $38,869. Find it here on BringaTrailer.com.

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