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Making a Splash

Automotive Art FFR Daytona Coupe

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Vanguard Motor Sales

The SEMA Show is an expansive landscape of promo pieces. Hundreds of companies are on location to promote their products, and you just can’t beat a ground shaking built to get people in your booth and orders made. One of the more memorable cars we scouted from the 2018 SEMA Show, and indeed one of the best promo pieces, was this Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe built by the folks at Automotive Art paint. Offered now by Plymouth, Michigan-based dealer Vanguard Motor Sales on eBay, this Daytona Coupe is an electrifying mix of something old and something new.

Speaking with one of Automotive Art’s reps at the show, he explained to be that they wanted to honor the Daytona Coupe’s legacy and build something with the right nods to the car’s history. But with all that impressive tech hiding under the fiberglass, a few modern revisions seem warranted, if not righteous in this case. The most notable revision is clearly the three-piece forged wheels from Vossen in an 18-inch diameter. Many enthusiasts may not be into the ultra-modern rolling stock, and unquestionably the booth staff probably fielded a few interesting comments over the course of the show. But in our opinion, why the heck not?

Under the skin, we’re looking at a really well executed build based on FFR’s fresh Gen 3 platform, which was the company’s most advanced chassis ever upon its debut. Where you might generally find a Windsor small-block, this build boasts a contemporary Coyote 5.0-liter mated to a TREMEC five-speed. The installation was factory-scale sano as well, in terms of plumbing, routing, fitment, etc. Wilwood calipers with drilled and slotted rotors were used on all-four corners, along with Koni adjustable coilovers.

Since the car was created as a promo for a paint company, we were initially a little surprised to find a traditional black finish with white racing stripes. However, the prep work on this car was second to none, and the paint had a perfect, deep appearance under the lights of the SEMA Show. The traditional color scheme, paired with details like the matte-white sidepipes, should clash with the contemporary Vossen wheels, but somehow it just works. And that theme carries onto the interior as well, where you’ll find correct details like the FIA-style shifter and plain aluminum seats, paired with modern gauges, pedals and an air-conditioning system.

With just 14 miles on the odometer, this is an essentially fresh, premier show-quality build. The car has a Florida assigned chassis tag, and a clear title classifying it as a 2020 Assembled Vehicle.

See the Coupe here on eBay.

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