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Grab This $1,500 Sterling Today

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

Sometimes we find a deal that’s so red-hot that I’m not positive our message will get to you in time, and I think the discovery of 3/4 of a Sterling kit car for just $1,500 just might be one of those scenarios. So at the risk of wasting some of my Friday afternoon, I’m going to dig into this one quickly and explain why you should already be on the road to grab it.

The Sterling is one of the most quintessential kit cars ever built. Its radical fiberglass body shell was designed to fit on ever-present VW air-cooled underpinnings, netting you an affordable exotic and loads of attention from onlookers. In addition to the supercar-caliber silhouette, the Sterling also offered a super futuristic hydraulic lift canopy as an available option, one seen on few other cars before or since. Even as the component car hobby has changed and evolved, folks still covet the Sterling as a simple, enjoyable exotic that can be built and maintained at home for cheap.

I understand completely if you’re not inspired yet, I mean 3/4 of a kit car for $1,500 leaves a bit to be desired, but in this case, 3/4 isn’t so bad. The seller notes that the fiberglass body, frame, seats, wheels and some interior panels are included in the deal, and from the photos, we can see the glass, windshield wiper and Sterling data tag are present as well. Kinda sounds like this thing is a few VW donor parts away from running, but it’s never really that simple. Even so, this is a totally doable project at home in your garage. And if you’re able to get it done affordably, there could be some profit in it as well, as nice Sterlings sell regularly for $5,000-$7,000.

See the Sterling here on Sacramento Craigslist.

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