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Five Cobras for $35,000

Nicely equipped Cobras for sale on Craigslist for $35k

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Craigslist

$35,000 isn’t a small chunk of change, but as far as Cobra roadsters go, you could easily spend two, or three times as much. There are more expensive Cobras, and cheaper ones, but $35K can be a sweet spot. For a good deal at this price point, seek non-donor cars in good working order with new crate small blocks or rebuilt Ford big blocks. You can afford to be a little choosey here, but the right deal may require patience.

We handpicked these five Cobras from Craigslist, and a couple honorable mentions as well, to give you an idea of what $35,000 will get you in a secondhand replica roadster.

No. 5: 347 ci Stroker FFR

This fresh Factory Five build was completed this year and has less than 50 miles on the clock. Under the hood, you’ll find a sweet little 347 ci stroker small-block, and a setup like this can make roughly 415 to 500 hp. That power is funneled through a C4 automatic transmission, which will turn some away, but combined with a super nice interior; this Cobra has to be a solid cruiser. Stereo, cup holders, air-conditioning and well-trimmed upholstery make this cockpit a nice place to be.

For exterior details, the Cobra is finished off with bolt-on, Halibrand-style wheels with low-profile rubber, dual roll bars, shielded sidepipes and full bumpers. Badges and other trim are absent, but a black soft top is included in the sale — a solid bonus.

At $31,000, the Cobra is a bit more affordable than most, and the ad says those magic words for a buyer: “Need to sell ASAP.” If you’re cool with the automatic, this Cobra’s a catch. See it here on Tampa Bay Craigslist.

No. 4: 460-Powered Shell Valley Roadster

This Shell Valley is definitely an old-school build, considerably older than the competing Factory Fives in our list, but I can’t help but dig this big-block roadster. The body and chassis were sourced from Shell Valley, and the latter consists of Mustang II front suspension and a triangulated four-link Ford 9-inch rear.

Under the hood, there’s good old-fashioned big-block power in the form of a behemoth Ford 460. While that immediately has me thinking “truck motor,” the seller states that the engine was purchased new from Ford when the engine was built. While we’d love to know compression and hp figures, all we can tell from the ad is that it’s topped by an Edelbrock dual-plane and a Holley 3310 carb. A good old TopLoader four-speed handles shifts, and the driveline is even better with the addition of a Hurst Competition Plus shifter, Lakewood scattershield and a hydraulic throwout bearing.

The exterior of the Cobra shows really well, with charcoal gray paint and silver stripes. Black sidepipes compliment the Minilite-style wheels, which work here far better than expected. The interior needs some serious updating though, at least in the carpets. But there are good bones to work with, considering the Stewart-Warner gauges and wood-rimmed wheel.

At $34,995, this Cobra needs to come down just a bit in price, but I’m really digging it. Check it out here on Portland Craigslist.

No. 3 Meth-Injected 5.0-Liter FFR

From the exterior, this Factory Five Roadster strikes you as just a nice little driver, but get into the details, and you’ll find this Cobra is actually a potent performer.

That all starts with the chassis, which is Factory Five’s tubular design with coilover shocks and a three-link rear. Enter then, a Ford 5.0-liter crate engine boasting 340 hp topped with a Powerdyne centrifugal supercharger supplying 9 psi of boost. Then, to cool off intake temps and control detonation, a Snow Performance methanol injection was added. All that should make for a great streetable package, with fantastic boost sensations and sounds.

That power is then directed through a five-speed TREMEC TKO 500 transmission out to a Ford 8.8-inch rear. With no power brakes, power steering and zero weather gear, this Cobra is about one thing — thrills behind the wheel.

The exterior of the Cobra is fairly standard, lacking of any clues to the goods under the hood. The car looks to be finished in its original gel coat, and has 17-inch Halibrand-style wheels fitted.

With just 2,900 miles on the clock, this Cobra is likely a hoot for just $32,000. See it here on Seattle Craigslist.

No. 2: Guardsman Blue FFR Roadster

Boasting electronic fuel injection and zero donor parts in its construction, this Mk4 truly looks like a no-nonsense, well-sorted machine. The 302 mill was a brand new crate when the car was constructed in ’13, and the owner reports an output of 345 hp on tap. A TREMEC five-speed handles gear shifts, and the three-link rear suspension should provide improved handling in any situation.

The Cobra’s exterior sticks to a proven formula, but the presentation is stellar. The owner reports that the Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White paintwork cost $12,000 alone, so we’d imagine it really pops in person. The interior has a more personalized look, but is nicely laid-out and well executed.

At $34,000 even, it’s tough to beat this one. Check it out here on Atlanta Craigslist.

No. 1: Freshly Built FFR 427

In terms of build quality, presentation and features, this Factory Five is a knockout for the money. It’s a fresh build with 1,300 miles on the clock, and the owner states that the car has been thoroughly road tested and debugged.

The Ford 302 under the hood boasts aluminum heads, an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and, reportedly, an upgraded camshaft. The finned Cobra accessories add a fantastic finishing touch too, and this is likely the cleanest engine bay on our list. A TREMEC five-speed sends power to a three-link rear suspension, and adjustable shocks are fitted on all-four corners.

The car is currently registered and insured, and looks to be showroom-fresh. At $36,900, the seller is allegedly taking an $8,000 loss on the car. See it here on Columbus Craigslist.

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