Three Must-Own Books about the World's Most Famous Snake

Posted May 08, 2017

By Jeff Bruss

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Shelby Cobra Fifty Years

Shelby Cobra Fifty Years

by Colin Comer

Hardcover, 256 pages with color photos, 2011

This book is a must-have title on your Shelby library shelves. If you're interested in the story of Shelby's American-British hybrid sports car dominating the track starting at the beginning, Shelby Cobra Fifty Years is the place to begin turning pages. Health issues would end Carroll's racing career as a driver, but catapulted him into the role of America's most prolific racecar manufacturer. Starting with what many viewed as an outdated roadster to begin with, the AC, Shelby would modify and tune the antiquated design into a Ferrari-pummeling monster. Comer's book does an excellent job of relaying the journey of Shelby's accomplishments along with those of his mates – Phil Remington, Ken Miles, Peter Brock and others. Purchase Shelby Cobra Fifty Years

Ac Cobra The Complete Story

AC Cobra: The Complete Story

by Brian Laban

Hardcover, 208 pages, 1997

More like an encyclopedia of Shelby than a book, AC Cobra: The Complete Story contains a comprehensive history of the Cobra, biographies of the people behind the car, road tests, specifications and even extensive race results. If you’re looking for story telling, this is not the title for you. If you want a far-reaching reference of all things AC Cobra and Carroll Shelby, this is your book. Purchase AC Cobra: The Complete Story

Inside Shelby American

​Inside Shelby American: Wrenching and Racing with Carroll Shelby in the 1960s

by John Morton

Hardcover, 256 pages, 2013

While Comer's book is excellent (and more of a coffee table variety), John Morton's inside view of Shelby Racing from 1962 through 1965 is a true picture of what it was like on the inside of Carroll Shelby's racing empire in a real book format. Lauded in reviews for his truth, honesty and humor, Morton talks all things Shelby from the all-starts like Shelby himself, Gurney and Brock, right down to the little guys most people never heard about. It's not only a glimpse into Shelby, but a great autobiography of Morton himself, who shares details of his life from racing to losing his virginity. Littered with excellent photos and creative and heartfelt writing, we are comfortable saying this is the best Shelby automotive book ever written. Purchase Inside Shelby American: Wrenching and Racing with Carroll Shelby in the 1960s

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