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This is not (Really) a Cobra Replica

By Jeff Bruss

The very first line in this Craigslist ad from Kansas City states "***this is not a replica***" which is kinda true. Technically it should probably be called a continuation series since it is a CSX serial-numbered car (CSX4121) authorized by the original snake charmer himself, Carroll Shelby. Though note, it still should not be confused as an original. Perhaps the $110,000 asking price makes that clear, which is a zero off from anything with a CSX serial number that has a preceding 3 versus a 4 or 6.

For the sake of this article, let's agree to call them continuation Cobras. The market for these cars is considerably stronger than other replicas. Several Cobras of the earlier 4000-series have sold at auction for strong money, even more than the seller is asking here. Some of the later 6000-series cars have even broken the $100K barrier. So at $110,000 this car is actually market-correct, or even, dare I say, a bit of a bargain? Though the ad does have two asking prices - $110,000 in the title, and $130,000 OBO in the body text. Let's dream that the seller inadvertently showed his hand in the title, and this sexy little snake could be had for the $110.

When comparing a Shelby continuation Cobra to other examples you could argue that the number one thing you're paying for is provenance. By provenance, yes, that means Carroll's name on the sales paperwork, but it also means his stamp of approval on the build, design and trueness of originality.

While most replica Cobras have modified the bodies for American girth, the Shelby version has stayed far more true to original. It still sits on a tube frame with a 427 side oiler weighing down the front coilovers. Halibrand-style pin drives, Baer disc brakes and oodles of other high-end parts go into the CSX builds. Though certainly not an original, we agree with the seller, it's not a replica, either, and the six-figure prices these cars are regularly drawing seem to support that.

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