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						Ffr Black Mamba Cobra 6
Factory Five’s First FIA, The Black Mamba

289 FIA Cobra #1 replica

The Black Mamba, Factory Five’s first 289 FIA, is a special Cobra replica. The right looks, VIN and builder add up to make this black serpent stick out on the Cobra market.

The Black Mamba’s story begins in 2014, the 50th anniversary of the 289 FIA Cobra. To celebrate the 289’s 50th, Factory Five debuted their new 289 FIA as a faithful replica of the original racer. Factory Five’s president handpicked the owner of the first FIA replica, Erik Treves. Erik has built five FFR cars, including a well-known Mark III Cobra and the first 818S. Erik finished his 289 as a tribute to the first Shelby 289 FIA produced, CSX2001. After completion, the Cobra was displayed at SEMA 2014.

The look of this 289 is spot on. The Raydyot mirrors and correct forward facing FIA roll bar are exact to the original. FIA pin-drive wheels and Hoosier D.O.T bias-ply tires were the correct choice to keep the Cobra grounded. Erik departed from original under the hood, where a Ford 347 lives instead of the 289. While a 289 mill would finish the Cobra flawlessly, the 347 is a stroked 302, keeping it in the Windsor family. The look of the power plant is correct with the correct style valve covers, oil pan and Webers. The Cobra was kept as faithful as possible with period correct touches everywhere, it’s clear this car was thought through.

If you’ve been watching the market for a finished Cobra replica, this 289 checks all the boxes. The seller’s asking price is in the upper-middle of the Cobra replica market, and that seems fitting for this example. If you’re interested in being the second owner of the first 289 FIA, check it out here on eBay

- Dean Larson

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