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Dirt-Cheap Healey Kit

Ford 5.0-powered Austin Healey 3000 kit

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

A while back I made the bold statement that you might expect to find Austin Healey replicas for around $12,000 to $15,000 (in response to a seriously mint Saxon Healey asking $25,000), and the first comment I got was as follows:

“Spendy, you say? Dean, if you ever happen to run across a Healey replica in any kind of decent shape for $12k please call me first.”

The comment made an impression on me, because it made me question if I was overzealous with my claim, and it’s now become my unofficial metric for gauging prices on Healey replicas. With that in mind, I give you this Ford 5.0-powered Healey re-creation on Phoenix Craigslist. It’s more of a rolling project at this point, but at just $6,000 obo, it rocks the foundations of my Healey price index.

Without any obvious clues in the photos or text, we’d wager that this fiberglass Healey kit was originally manufactured by Classic Roadsters from the telltale hood louvers. The car looks to be in decent condition, and the seller cites that it was a runner and a pure joy to drive with its former 289 ci powerplant. The owner then began updating it with a 5.0-liter HO from a ’93 Mustang and a C6 automatic before being held up. Anticipating a move to California and registration issues in the Golden State, the owner is willing to cut her loose for just $6,000 or best offer.

By way of features, we’re looking at Mustang II front suspension and a Ford 8-inch rear with an (uninstalled) locking differential and five-lug axles. An aluminum radiator with electric fans is included, along with an aluminum fuel tank, remote oil filter setup and bumpers. Wooden and aluminum dash options are included, along with an IDIDIT steering column, but only a single fiberglass seat for the driver.

The seller notes that there will be quite a bit of work required to get the Healey roadworthy again, but for the price, this one’s really hard to beat. I see this as being a great project for tinkering on the weekends, getting the 5.0 up and running, and eventually sourcing a T5 to replace the C6. And with good Healey replicas asking more than twice this, there could be upside potential as well — beyond the wide-open throttle thrills.

See it here on Phoenix Craigslist.

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