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						Maroon Daytona 13
Complete Factory Five Daytona Coupe for $43,000?

Maroon Shelby Daytona Coupe

That’s right, for the price of the loaded Chevy Traverse in your brother-in-law's driveway, you could be driving this Factory Five Daytona Coupe. And that’s merely the asking price. With less than 1,000 miles on the odometer, the dealer would call this coupe ‘barely broke in.’ Agreed. We'd gladly break this burgundy beauty in.

Finished in a maroon metallic with white stripes, it's nice to see something outside of Shelby blue on white. The black aftermarket wheels and aggressive tires give this coupe a modern track-day vibe, which is refreshing on a Daytona.

The seller reports that the coupe is finished with a ‘race inspired’ Ford 302, but this could be anything from a stock Mustang 302 to a built crate engine, because the Daytona accepts any 302-351 Ford. The rest of the running gear includes a five-speed manual transmission, custom dual exhaust and other performance upgrades.

Entry-level Daytona Coupes start around $60,000, making this one a steal. The builder probably had over $30,000 in major components, discounting small stuff and the time it took to put the car together. It may not be finished to everyone’s taste, and we noticed that the wheels on the passenger side only have a polished lip, but this coupe gets our approval.

We envision this car as the perfect weekend track toy. The FFR retains all its Daytona appeal, but is finished a little differently with some tasteful aggressive touches. Depending on what flavor 302 is hiding under the hood, this coupe could also be tame enough for the street. We’re not quite suggesting you trade your sister's Traverse, but the idea of driving this particular Daytona to the track... and back home afterward... strikes a chord with us.

Check it out here on Craigslist in Pleasanton, California .

Text by Dean Larson

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