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Classic Glass Roundup

Classic fiberglass kit cars for sale on Craigslist

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Craigslist

Classic glass, it’s all about big fun on a small budget. For better or for worse, these classic fiberglass kit cars kicked off the industry — more than 50 years ago for some. While these cars are not as likely to fool onlookers today as they did in the 1960s and ’70s, they offer their own unique charms, and often at a fraction of the cost of other collector cars. While doing the biweekly Craigslist crawl, we stumbled up and unusual amount of classic glass presented here for your enjoyment.

1975 Cimbria

“Very rare car that turns a lot of heads. Car is complete and in overall good condition.”

Kicking things off in our classic glass roundup is a radical wedge-shaped body, instantly recognizable as part of the complex Cimbiria/Sterling/Nova/Sebring family. Lineages aside, this model is a 1975 Cimbria, that’s not only very well preserved, it has also migrated less than 30 miles from its place of manufacture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This Cimbria is extremely period correct down to the four-lug aluminum slot-mag wheels and screaming yellow paint. The car rides on a modified VW chassis and is powered by a traditional 1,600cc VW engine with a Weber carburetor. The seller reports that the glass is in good shape, but the car does have some paint chipping and cracking on the gullwing doors. A tune up will also be necessary, as the car “currently does not run well.”

At $5,500 asking, this Cimbria could be the pick of our litter. The car is complete and seems to present well for an original-looking kit car. Expect to spend some time getting the air-cooled engine in order, but a complete overhaul on this baby likely beats changing the serpentine belt on your daily driver.

See the Cimbria here on Sheboygan Craigslist.

Texarkana Fiberfab Mix Up

“It is an older build and needs the usual repairs from sitting. It ran and drove when I got it about a year ago.”

I love a nice looking Fiberfab GT40 replica, and I honestly think this could one of the nicest I’ve ever seen — once it’s finished anyway. But the interesting thing here is that we’re not looking at the more common VW-based Fiberfab Avenger GT12. This car is either a Corvair-based GT15, or the V8 Valkyrie. The seller first claims that the car is fitted with a V6 engine and Corvair transaxle, but then goes on to say that the car was designed for a V8 engine — precisely the difference between the GT15 and Valkyrie. The seller hasn’t provided enough detailed photos for us to solve that riddle, but we’re sure there’s a Fiberfab fanatic among us who can tell.

What we can tell from the photos is that this Fiberfab will be exceptional when finished. The black exterior finish combined with the single Magnum 500 wheel out back is a striking and period-correct combination. With dual mirrors, bumpers front and rear, and rear window louvers, this Fiberfab is definitely better equipped than most. And just have a look at that interior. The recent upholstery work is far better executed than other Avengers and Valkyries we’ve seen.

With some work, this Fiberfab could be great, but the seller’s $15,000 asking price will likely deter most buyers. Especially given most VW-based Avengers trade hands for one-third that amount, and other Corvair-powered cars can be had for under $10,000 in running condition.

Hopefully someone strikes a deal and brings out the hidden potential in this car. See it here on Dallas Craigslist.

Autokit Invader

“Street legal. Extremely well built. RUNS GREAT.” … “The price has been drastically reduced so the price is firm.”

The nicest Autokit Invader out there? Possibly. While the build is a bit unconventional, this Invader presents very well, and honestly looks like a hoot to drive.

The Invader’s design is full-scale 1970s, looking right at home in just about any T.V. cartoon from that time period. From the seller’s description, it appears that the car was overhauled from top to bottom, including a full respray and a rebuild of its 1,835cc VW engine. The car looks fun and well sorted out, but like most Invaders, its doors are long gone.

The seller is asking $5,000 for the car, down from an earlier listing $8,200 from a couple years ago. Find it here on Detroit Metro Craigslist.

Cimbria Ss

1978 Cimbria SS

“Manufactured in Milwaukee. Rare car. 82 original miles. $7,000.”

I hope these two sellers are friends, as they both own exceptional Cimbrias in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. This one is a 1978 Cimbria SS model also powered by a VW engine. The seller reports that the car is fitted with “Carroll Shelby rims,” which do accent the car nicely. Also, only 82 miles have been added since its completion, likely making it the lowest mileage completed Cimbria.

The seller is clearly banking on the car’s exceptional condition and low mileage, and is asking $7,000 for the Cimbria SS. See it here on Green Bay Craigslist.

Fiberfab Aztec 7

“The worst is already over! Runs and drives. VW title (FL).”

The Fiberfab Aztec 7 is a wild wedge-shaped kit that paid tribute to the radical Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car, which debuted in 1968. The main dig against the Aztec 7 is that its Lamborghini windshield is difficult and costly to source. This car does have a windshield present, and it even appears to fit correctly, but it’s tough to say whether the glass is damaged, or just really dirty.

The Aztec looks to be pretty complete, and the owner claims it even runs and drives, and has a clear Florida title. Provided the windshield is in usable shape, we’ll go ahead and agree with the seller — the worst is over. But make no mistake; there is plenty of finishing work needed, including all paint, body and interior. The Aztec would also present better with a different set of wheels, and most opt for the turbine-style alloys.

As the lowest price car on our list, the Aztec comes in at $4,500. See it here on Tampa Craigslist.

Honorable Mentions

Subaru-Powered Invader


Fiberfab Avenger


Lift-top Aztec


Fiberfab Avenger


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