By Jeff Bruss

Pony up $1,400 for the "buy it now" on this interesting auction and you can stamp out Cheetah funny car bodies from the comfort of your own garage. Based on a 112" wheelbase, this mold claims to have only punched out one car – Jake's Itchy Rat. The Itchy Rat can be found through a Google image search and lends a decent example of what this little mold could be if you care to hand lay some fiberglass.

With a little imagination you could use this mold for all kinds of things: fiberglass Cheetah riding lawn mower bodies, pedal cars, go karts, and of course dragsters. The price is right, the mold is cool. If you're in Rhode Island, why not? I'll take the zero-turn lawn mower body shipped to Three Lakes, Wisconsin, thanks.