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Best Deal on a Cobra Today — 6/19

Unique Motorcars FIA Cobras asks just $36,900

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

It was initially the shade of medium blue paint that drew me in, reminding me quite a bit of CSX2000, but I was enticed further after reading the spec sheet. Small-block power, four-speed, Stewart-Warner instruments and a reputable manufacturer, not to mention there’s only 2,500 miles on the clock. All that for just $36,900, which has me thinking, this could be the best deal on a Cobra today.

By all evidence, this car started life as a fiberglass-bodied kit from Unique Motorcars in Gadsden, Alabama. With 302 small-block power and a four-speed, the new owner (and presumably builder) of the car set about constructing his version of an FIA/USRRC racing Shelby. As such, you’ll find details like the three-post roll bar, FIA-style shifter, Stewart-Warner instruments with the required speedometer on the passenger side, early Shelby dash plaque, Raydyot mirrors and other details to be in order. Bonus points are also given for the dash grab bar, rear-view mirror and parking brake, all of which prove that the builder did his research when building this car, possibly taking inspiration from an original museum piece like CSX2345.

That’s not to say that the graybeards at your local car club will believe this one’s the real deal, as there are a couple details that aren’t quite right, such as the rear fenders, wheels, side-pipe routing and some details under the hood. But let’s not forget that this is a homebuilt replica, and I really think the builder of this car achieved a nice balance in a Cobra hobby car. It looks the part, and it’s loaded with little details that make all the late nights in the garage worthwhile when you look at the finished product, but I also think you wouldn’t be afraid to go wheel this car — hard! That being said, it’s a shame to see so few miles on the odometer.

As far as mechanicals, the Unique Motorcars kit rolls on a square steel chassis with proprietary A-arm suspension up front and Jaguar IRS in the rear. Coilovers and disc brakes are used on all-four corners, with the rear discs mounted inboard on the Jag diff.

I think there are several reasons to seriously consider this car if you’re in the market for an affordable Cobra roadster. To start, it’s clearly a nicely built car in good running order with very few miles on the clock. But really I think it’s the extras and the detail work that put this one ahead of other Cobras priced around $35,000. The careful placement of the Stewart-Warner gauges, the FIA shifter, wood-rimmed wheel, mirrors and shielded Le Mans-style gas filler are all details you probably won’t see in other cars at this price point. The mechanicals also look to be in great order, and I think the car has the right character under the hood, with the air cleaner, Cobra valve covers, fender tags and so on, without going overboard. You’re also getting build invoices and photos, along with side windows, a tonneau and some spares as well.

I’d throw the dealer a fair bid at $35,000, or $34,000 (if you’re feeling lucky punk) and watch out for an affordable set of Halibrand-style knock-offs. Beyond that, all that’s left to do is drive it like ya stole it, because you it is nearly theft at that price!

See the Unique Motorcars Cobra here on eBay.

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