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Bargain-Priced Saxon Healey Kit

Ford-powered Saxon Healey kit project

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

Big Healey replicas are a fairly common sight on the secondhand market these days, and the skyrocketing value of the genuine article has reestablished the niche for quality reproductions. Most Healey replicas are divided into two camps, either Chevrolet V8 powered, or small four- and six-cylinder donors from Ford, and the V8 cars are generally seen with large wheels and flares. We’re fans of either approach as each has its virtues, but I especially enjoy a good Saxon Healey, which typically uses smaller donor engines and a more factory look without muscular flares. Saxon Healeys can command strong money, approaching $20,000, but if you’re savvy with kits and wrenches, this Saxon kit on Craigslist looks to be a steal at just $4,000.

Now a cheap price tag isn’t the whole story, as we once walked on a Cobra project asking less than $5,000 (because it was junk), and it’s imperative to make sure the value is there and the kit is as complete as possible. That’s where I think this one’s a real score. The seller states that he purchased the kit as a project for him and his father to undertake, but they soon found that it exceeded their abilities. But instead of givin er the old college try anyway, the builders knew when to stop, and left most of the components alone in their as-delivered state. It appears that the engine and transmission were installed in the chassis, along with some underlying cockpit elements, before the project halted. Wiring, lighting, the HVAC components, fiberglass bodywork and structural steel elements are all included with the car, and most parts are still labeled. Another huge bonus is the presence of documents and manuals, including the original Saxon paperwork and assembly manuals.

For mechanical parts, you’re looking at a 2.8-liter Ford V6 from the mid 1980s, a four-speed manual transmission and a rolling chassis with front and rear suspension. The seller identifies that Mustang II front suspension should be used, along with Chevette rear suspension, but does not indicate what whether these items are present. The front suspension on the roller now does not appear to be the Mustang II design however. At 128 to 158 hp, the Cologne V6 is no powerhouse, but should make for a fun little car with the four-speed transmission.

At just $4,000, this Saxon offers a lot more than we’d expect from an incomplete kit project, and it’s priced to give a rewarding experience for a rock-bottom investment.

See the Saxon project here on Atlanta Craigslist.

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