SEMA ’19 Trucks

Posted January 21, 2020

Sure, we're a car magazine, but there's just something romantic in a good ’ol pickup truck. A truck is well-suited to both work and play, and it'll dutifully get you from point A to B as well. We love trucks, and the SEMA Show is chock full of ’em, from street trucks, to desert runners, big diesels and Jeeps.

These trucks caught our eye for one reason or another, but you won't find any mall crawlers or lifted bro-dozers — we're all about trucks with a purpose. The Diamond T prerunner/desert rig got our attention right away, as did two different Task Force-Series Chevrolet trucks (1955-1960). We were also wowed by a Jeep M715 in the Chrysler booth with Hell Crate engine installed. Last but not least, we were pleased to find a 1965 Chevrolet truck with a Walker Evans Racing livery. Honoring a few local motorsports legends, this truck was built within 30 minutes of our home office in Northern Wisconsin.

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SEMA 2019 Trucks