Ride Along in the 1,000-Plus hp Drift Cobra

Posted December 13, 2018

By Dean Larson

While most of the displays at the SEMA Show are static in nature, there's one area at the convention center that's very much in motion, all week long. Dubbed the Ford Out Front area, a huge expanse of blacktop encompassed by concrete barricades in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center is the location for burn outs, drifting and thrill rides all week long. While Ford backs the booth, both Superformance and Factory Five enjoyed some tire-shredding time in the spotlight.

While checking out the Hillbank booth outside, we caught up with Vlado Jancev of V's Automotive. After a bit of coaxing, we cut the line and hopped in V’s 1,000-plus horsepower drift Cobra with Pro-Am driver Pablo Cabrera. We stuck a couple cameras on the car and headed out for a drift session in the afternoon sun along with two other Superformance Cobras.

The 1,000-plus hp drift Cobra took a beating over the course of the show, chucking a belt once and eventually wounding the rear differential, but not before putting on a spectacular smoke show. The two other MkIIIs weren't as over the top as the original drift Cobra, and provided plenty of drama-free thrill rides.

We're sure Vlado, Pablo and the whole crew from V's Performance will be back next year, with an even meaner iteration of their drift machine.

For an in-depth breakdown of the drift Cobra from last year's SEMA Show, check out our feature The Drifter.

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