In Your Words: Best Quotes from Featured Owners in 2019

Posted December 16, 2019

Winter: "The Hard Way," The rocky start to a happy ending in a cherished 289 street Cobra

"The Cobra has been a lot of fun through the years, but getting married in it is a significant highlight. I did a major burnout in the church parking lot and then took my bride on our honeymoon in the car. Since then, I have put 35,000 miles on it." — Gary Cook

John Custom Cobra B16

Winter: “Racy Story,” A personal expose revealing the birth of the wide-body Beck 904 GTS by Special Edition

"Only having the car for a short period, I’m still sorting out some details, as is to be expected, prior to putting it on the track. To date, I’ve driven about 500 miles on the road and shown the car at a few events, including the Elkhart Lake Vintage Concours d’Elegance. While there, I couldn’t believe the positive feedback on the car. One of the people staging the vehicles said to me, 'This is by far the coolest car yet!' I was pumped." — John Mathys

Beck 904 F60

Spring: “Power Plays,” Three recipes for eclipsing big-block power in a small-block Cobra

“When I look at my Factory Five Racing Mk4, it talks to me: ‘Take me to the track and run me hard. We will have fun!’” — Scott Young

Power Plays F4

Spring: “The Transformer,” Morphing a muscle car into a performance pickup

“Other than a few tools and consumables, the only thing you need to make this truck is the kit and the car. There’s no need to scrounge the junkyard for parts. Anyone with basic skills and standard tools can get the job done.” — Richard Williams

Smyth Charger F32

Summer: “Royal Treatment,” Deco Rides’ Maharaja pays tribute to a regal, one-of-a-kind Duesenberg

“We’re dragging these 1930s classics into the 21st century with a hot rod flavor, gusto and verve. In doing so, we’re paying tribute to these great stylists and craftsmen.” “I call them Tribute Rods — we start with a classic and then smoke it over.” — Terry Cook, Deco Rides

Deco Maharaja F35

Summer: “Coupe de Grace,” How pioneering designer Peter Brock improved on his original Cobra Coupe

“With the LS crossover induction, there’s lot’s of room above the valve covers. The best thing to do with the extra space is to put it to good use. With an LS, you can raise the crank centerline about 1 3/4 inches!” — Peter Brock

Brock Daytona F28

Summer: “Cammer Cobra,” Cramming Ford’s infamous 427 SOHC in an ERA replica roadster

“The excessive power and short wheelbase can make the car a handful under hard acceleration. I have frequently driven down the San Diego Freeway to San Diego and back without problems, other than avoiding the inevitable pictures takers.” — Bob Funari

Cammer Cobra F16

Autumn: “Motivational Exercise,” Financial advisor busts stress with a custom Factory Five Coupe build

“The great thing about Cobras is that there is a vast community, and everyone sticks together. I met many people and made a lot of friends along the path to completing my Coupe, and my normally quiet residential street had a new influx of noisy and beautiful cars that came to visit.” — Bob Hassett

Coupe Build F13

Autumn: “Triple Threat,” A blistering tribute to the sensational and successful MkI GT40

“Completing the initial construction of a reproduction is only half the battle, though. The other half is sorting it out, which requires a lot of time, attention to detail, research and thought. There’s also humility and the willingness to say “I goofed” and replace a bad part with the proper component. All told, a car that does not require sorting out is a car that has not been driven much.” — Chuck Schmidt

Rcr Mk I B11

Autumn: “Elemental Appeal,” Reinventing a one-off ’50s sports special with contemporary LS power

“The Troy is beautiful from every angle, but it’s so simple, and I knew we could build this.” — Robert Kendall, 7fifteen Motorworks

Troy Indy Special A68

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