Cameras and Crashes of Ford v Ferrari

Posted January 30, 2020

Video courtesy of StudioDaily, YouTube

One of the factors that has really contributed to the credibility of Ford v Ferrari with car guys, is the clear use of actual driving scenes. Really, computer graphics do a great job today for many things, but we’re not yet to a point where the use of CG can go completely unnoticed. For that reason, James Mangold, director of the film, and the rest of the crew insisted on using as many actual driving scenes as possible, necessitating a whole fleet of stunt vehicles, daring souls to drive them and talented camera crews to get the shots.

We’re working hard to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the film, so watch out for upcoming features, but in the meantime, this 2 minute and 48 second YouTube clip provides a deep look into the cars, stunts and camera work that went into the film. It was sent to us by the stunt driver who pilot’s Ken Miles’ small-block Cobra early in the film, who we got a chance to sit down with recently — more on this in our Summer issue.

It’s interesting to note the film rigs, which are essentially big exoskeletal trucks with the stunt cars grafted onto the back. Can you imagine being the stunt driver behind the wheel of one of those, sitting six feet in the air with all that truck behind you?

Or how about the faux-rrari stunt car that gets shot out of a cannon! As soon as the body explodes, you can tell its some sort of cut up OEM, maybe a Datsun Z car, with a big tube running through the middle of it. Make you wonder how many takes it took to get that scene right. And when the armored camera car runs into what’s left of the faux-rrari, that just reminds you of the real-life dangers stunt drivers face.

Anyway, I’ve already rambled on for longer than it’ll take you to watch the video, so enjoy.

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