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Fast and Furious Lucra LC470 R

Lucra LC470 R

Text by John Kendall

Here’s a chance to own a fully titled and registered piece of Fast and Furious history! Okay, well, ignore that F&F part. Here's a chance to own a car that can pull 1.3 G's in a corner!

This handcrafted LC470 is a fantastic combination of British styling mated with some American brute force under the hood. Lucra builds these cars in house, outsourcing only some drive components like Wilwood brakes, Tremec transmissions, and legendary GM LS engines. The LS3 in this particular 470 propels this car to a ¼-mile time of 10 seconds flat. Factor in an engine placement that puts 55 percent of the weight over the rear wheels and you have the handling to pull 1.3 G’s through the corners. That's jet-like face-pulling G's, Maverick, that make this car more like a Top Gun.

If you want a great driver’s car with enough nostalgia to last a lifetime, head over to Ebay. Then drive around your neighborhood and pretend you’re starring in Fast and Furious. All this fun can be yours for the current bid of $34,100. 

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