A Different Type of Ride Sharing — Features on Readers’ Rides

Posted November 06, 2017

One of the main duties of ReinCarNation magazine is to provide you, dear reader, with the latest coverage on various replicas and vehicle projects, along with products to help with your buildups. That’s basically a given, and why we devote so many pages to events such as the SEMA Show, and also hands-on tech articles.

But that’s only half of the story. When we’re not able to follow along on most of the more interesting buildups out there, to see how they turned out, we rely on our enthusiastic readers to send us photos and info on their project cars. (Note the “Readers’ Rides” features we run in nearly every issue.) Here’s the fun part: What we receive from you are often remarkable sagas of car enthusiasts’ involvement with their automotive passions. They share all the heartaches and happiness they’ve encountered along the way, stories that we might not otherwise hear. 

To me, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m always impressed by your ingenuity and persistence in overcoming various challenges, and also expressing creativity with custom touches. That’s why the Readers’ Rides features are my favorite, especially those that share how you solved a thorny problem.

So we invite you send us info and photos of your completed car, along with some details on the buildup. We’re especially looking for details on how you’ve customized it. While the parts and pieces are important, we also like to hear about your personal background as well, and any fun and informative stories you’d like to share. It’s kinda like bench racing over a couple beers, but with photos to illustrate. Who knows, it might even end up on the cover!

Here’s the link on our website for Readers’ Rides: www.rcnmag.com/featured-automobile-form.

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