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						Fiero Ford A9
Fiero Ford

Building a GT40 replica from an $800 Fiero

As told by Lloyd Jennings

When you can’t afford an original Ford GT40, you get the next best thing: a replica. My wife would not let me spend the $6 million to buy one, so I built my own for $26,000. It took me five years, using a 1986 Pontiac Fiero I bought for only $800. It has an NAF rebody, created by Jack Kube, who passed away several years ago. He claimed that after coming across some original GT40 body parts, he made molds from them, and grafted fiberglass pieces onto a Pontiac Fiero chassis (since it had removable composite panels).

My mods to the Fiero include swapping out the engine with a 1998 Ford Contour 2.5 Duratec V6, good for 200 hp. In addition to the Ford driveline, I also added a comp suspension with a Held MTST Bump Stop Kit for rear, and relocated the radiator and A/C. The dash is customized as well.

While it’s not a racer, it’s an enjoyable, comfortable drive and I use it as a show car. It wins in about 95 percent of the shows entered. So that makes it a trophy ride to me! 

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