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Way Kool!

Koolmat kit

Cobras are known for being too quick, too short, too hot, too loud—and too much fun! Well, you can minimize a couple of those drawbacks (excess heat and sound) by installing Koolmat. And all without spoiling your fun!

Here are few tips, courtesy of Breeze Automotive and Koolmat. It is suggested that installation of the Kool Mat kit take place in the early stages of assembling the car, shortly after the aluminum panels have been riveted in place, and prior to the D/S foot box top is riveted in place (and preferably prior to the installation of the foot pedals).

When using Pt. No. # 97249 (Pre-cut 36.50 sq. ft. 14-piece Insulation Kit), the tools you’ll need are a sharp razor knife, extra blades for razor knife, 3/8” dowel cut into 4 to 6” lengths, 18” steel rule, 36” steel rule, rubber hammer, 2 X 4 X 6” wood piece, craft/contractors paper, 1 gallon Weldwood Gel Contact Cement, 1 qt of solvent such as xylol/xylene.

Clean and wipe the metal surfaces clean with a solvent. All pieces are numbered in order of installation, but pre-fit each piece prior to application. When making cuts for final fitting it is best to use a sharp razor knife, and when possible cut the mat with fiberglass side down. A marker is good on the silicone side.

You should coat fiberglass side of the KoolMat insulation liberally with contact cement or hi-temp spray as per manufacturer’s application directions. Two coats are preferable. Do not apply contact cement to any mats that can’t be installed within an hour. 

Then apply a strip of contact cement on the aluminum panel toward the center. Align Kool Mat insulation piece on panel then press onto the strip of contact cement. Next, pull one side of the piece back to the glued surface and apply contact cement, per directions from the manufacturer, to the remainder of the panel surface. Use a 3/8” dowel to keep the two surfaces separate until the contact cement is dry per manufacturer’s instructions. Then remove dowel and then press the two surfaces together. For a few more install tips, contact either Pat at Koolmat or Mark Reynolds at Breeze Automotive.

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