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						Continental Compact Instrument Cluster
Instrumental Development

Continental compact instrument cluster

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now offers a compact instrument cluster that’s ideal for buildups with limited dashboard space or made from ABS plastic or fiberglass. Even with an extremely compact footprint, the VDO CB500’s innovative configuration includes all of the instrumentation required to deliver the critical engine data and vehicle information that custom car and truck enthusiasts need.

Continental uses LED illumination and incorporates proprietary VDO high-resolution stepper motor movement to give the CB500 a smoother and more accurate operation, which pushes the needle to the next level and delivers an OEM-grade gauge cluster. The CB500 features an extra large, centrally-placed 140mph speedometer and a 7000rpm tachometer, along with temperature and fuel gauges and 14 warning lights. The entire cluster connects to the vehicle as a simple plug-n-play via a unidirectional, single plug VDO SpeedHarness. No programming is required for either speedo or tach.

The VDO CB500 is available with either a painted black bezel or polished billet aluminum and requires no special mounting hardware. The complete cluster comes pre-packaged with all required senders and custom single-plug wire harness that easily attaches to the central connector in a snap.

Whether it’s a street rod, muscle car, tuner, custom vehicle or kit car, VDO Instruments offer enthusiasts a wide choice of styles and sizes, easy installation, unprecedented performance capabilities, and most importantly, VDO design, quality, and reliability. Continental builds every VDO gauge with the same precision and quality as the instrumentation it delivers to OEMs worldwide.

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