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Pedal to the Metal

Fabricate Your Own Cobra Gas Pedal

Story and Photos by Dan Burrill

When it comes to building Cobra replicas, most have the correct aluminum AC clutch and brake pedals. But when it comes to the gas pedal, that’s a different story. We’ve seen a lot of Mustang and other types of gas pedals being used, rather than the original-spec setup, so we thought an article on fabricating a period-correct gas pedal would be of interest. It looks a lot different from most pedals, but it worked, and was used on both 289 and 427 Cobras, both street and competition versions. If you want your replica to look as original as possible through and through, this unit can be obtained from Boffin Motor Sports.

For many years, Boffin has been building and fabricating racing parts, custom headers and side pipes, and several other items for Cobras and Fords. One of the company’s newer items is this authentic-style gas pedal for Cobra replicas. Some assembly is required, as the old saying goes, which we are showing here.

While the original Cobra’s gas pedal was the same in both the 289 and the 427 cars, the mounting plate was different for each car. So take a close look at the two different pedal mounts shown here. The pedal is the same as on the original Shelbys, but note that the firewall mount used on a replica is different to make for an easier install.

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