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Insulation Tips from Heatshield Products

Anyone who has ever spent more than five minutes inside a Cobra kit car or a similar build knows how much excess heat can spoil a nice drive. Beyond that, high temps in the cockpit can sap your focus and cause wear you out sooner at track days.

Cobra are susceptible to thermal difficulties due to close clearances between exhaust manifold runners, exhaust-pipe routing and the engine itself. These problems are especially evident in the firewall and footbox areas. Thankfully, aftermarket manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, creating various thermal shielding products including tapes, coatings and wraps, with specialized applications in mind. There are many different ways improve your cockpit conditions, but here’s a few quick tips from Heatshield Products using a Factory Five Cobra.

Check out these links to find the products used in the video:



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