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						Mid America Motorworks Vw Sweet Sixteen 3

Mid America Motorworks Event for Classic VWs

At the Funfest for Air-Cooled VW 2015, the theme for this 16th year of celebration was Cars & Stars. And lived up to it, with guests like Bruce Meyers, Tory Alonzo and more to celebrate the Volkswagen. Graced by lots of sunshine and beautiful weather, spectators and participants traveled from more than 20 states to share their VW passion. Known as the premier Volkswagen celebration in the U.S., Funfest for Air-Cooled VW was jam-packed with activities, including a Friday Night Fun Run, Celebrity Choice judging, a 3-day Swap Meet, Expert Seminars and an awesome Saturday Night Concert.

Aside from Volkswagens on display as far as the eye could see, the Saturday highlight was Drew Baldridge taking the Funfest Amphitheater stage. He performed hits from his latest album, “Crossing County Lines Vol. 2” and threw in some classic favorites, entertaining both VW lovers and Effingham locals.

Earlier in the day VW enthusiasts were treated to an Expert Panel, consisting of Manx dune buggy Creator Bruce Meyers, VW Club of America President Shell Tomlin, “The Bug Movie” Producer Tory Alonzo, Automotive Author John Gunnell, VW Expert Restorer Darby Milnor and our own Chief Cheerleader, Mike Yager discussed the VW hobby. 

The ever-popular Celebrity Choice Awards featured a custom silver medallion trophy, showcasing the Cars & Stars artwork, with a special gold medallion for the Chief’s Choice Award. Winners parked in the specially designated Winners Corral once their VWs were selected.

The Friday Night Fun Run included some 300-plus VWs cruising through scenic Effingham County before transitioning into a parade to the Effingham Courthouse. Once there, the Effingham Convention and Visitors Bureau welcomed the crowd with live music, food and drinks.

The Fun Dome was home to an array of the latest VW apparel, home and lifestyle items. At the same time, the Install Dome was buzzing the sounds of installations as VWs were upgraded and improved for happy owners. Our Experts On Hand answered questions on performance and enhancements.        

Seminars were also a main attraction at Funfest for Air-Cooled VW, with guests gaining knowledge on the Meyers Manx’s place in racing and its impact on the automotive world, buying and selling trends within the hobby, a work-in-progress sneak preview of “The Bug Movie,” interior restoration and bolt-on performance. Other highlights of the weekend included the Low Speed Slaloms and Exhaust Wars Sound Off, the Funfest Selfie Station and the paint bus. 

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