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Beck Speedster on BaT

2015 Beck Speedster Porsche 356 Replica

By Dean Larson

The Beck Speedster has been the standard for classic Porsche replicas for the last 30 years, and it’s easy to see why with this 2015 build. Up for online auction on, this Beck Speedster offers low mileage, nice options and a shortcut around Beck's 1 year build time.

A nice medium-red exterior, tasteful leather interior and a hopped up VW power plant are just a few of the selling points of this nicely finished Beck. It was final assembled in January of 2015 by Beck’s home assembler/dealer Special Edition and purchased back by Special Edition from the owner’s estate just 850 miles later. Propelling the speedster is a 90 hp 1,915 cc VW engine built by CB Performance. While there’s plenty of high horsepower options out there for Speedster replicas, including Subaru boxers and 200 hp VWs, this warmed over flat four will provide a nice authentic driving experience with improved reliability and performance.

The real selling point here for me (in addition to the Beck reputation) is the interior. The brown leather suits the car very well, and is complimented nicely by the interior carpeting. The factory-optioned air conditioning has also been seamlessly incorporated into the dash; again, a nice mix of comfort and authenticity.

While some other lucky soul got to take the first spin in this Speedster, it offers a few advantages to consider over buying brand new. After the Speedster was re-acquired by Beck, a 100-point inspection and full service was done, including a full carburetor tune and valve adjustment, meaning you’ll be able to skip the waiting line and that pesky first service interval. As per the seller, the base price for an air-cooled Beck starts $38,000, but one would assume that this example will sell at a decent discount over buying new. 

The Beck has a current bid of just $12,750, but a healthy six days remaining in the auction, so we’d expect bidding to run up somewhere near $30,000 if the serious bidders show up. Check it out here at

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