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						Hammerhead Hemi Kit
Small-block Ford Hemispherical heads

Ford Hemispherical Heads

Hammerhead Performance Engines is releasing its new Ford small-block Hemispherical heads after two years of development and testing. The heads are designed for use with Ford 289, 302, 351 Windsor and (with slight modification) 351 Cleveland engines.

For tech specifics, the heads utilize a 2.2-inch intake valve and 1.65-inch exhaust valve, both made of stainless steel, and a 62 cc combustion chamber. Intake flow is 400 cfm (some 100 cfm over a stock 351 Windsor) and exhaust flow is 275 cfm. Beehive valve springs come standard in the kit, but the heads will accommodate any springs of 1.5-inch O.D.

The Hemispherical head kits have been designed with an emphasis on completeness and include heads, cast aluminum hemispherical-style valve covers, complete 1.7-1 ratio rocker system from Jesel, valves and spring assemblies. The Hammerhead Hemispherical kits require almost no other modification to the engine. Any current or existing intake manifold for that engine may be used, the stock head gasket design is maintained, and accessory bolt holes are present for the use of factory components. The heads will require different exhaust manifolds, as the Yates C3 bolt pattern is utilized. The complete Hammerhead Hemispherical head kit is available for $4,995.

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