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Ford Small-Block Instructional Videos

Ford Small Block Instructional Videos

For a DIY guy, there’s nothing more rewarding than successfully building or repairing complicated components. But as one of the most complex parts of your build, you might have some reservations about tearing into your power plant. If you’d like some tutelage on the finer points of your Ford small block, check out the video instructional site SBFBuilding.com.

The video instructional site features over 270 videos demonstrating all aspects of building a small-block Ford engine. Videos are available 24/7 on most any device and are designed to be accessible for first timers, while also providing benefical expertise for more experienced builders. That expertise comes courtesy of Jim Woods of Fordstrokers.com. Woods started Fordstrokers, a small block Ford parts site with an emphasis on customer service and technical knowledge, after building a small block tech forum online. Woods films all videos on SBFBuilding.com in HD at the Fordstrokers’ shop with focused topics like “Piston to Connecting Rod Orientation,” “Measuring Rod and Main Journals with a Micrometer,” and “Quick Introduction to Piston Compression Height.” With an account on the site, you also have access to a closed forum and members only part pricing from Fordstrokers. Woods offers monthly, quarterly and yearly memberships and a money back guarantee.

630/462-7480; www.sbfbuilding.com

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