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Skinning The Catfish

Bauer Limited Production's new models

Bauer Limited Production, maker of the Miata-based Catfish, has announced two new models in its lineup, and major changes to the original car.

The first Catfish model now has a raft of new parts and designs. Changes include all new interior panels, a new transmission tunnel, and major changes to the frame. 

The frame changes were made so that it could accept the General Motors LFX engine (in addition to the Miata used exclusively before). The LFX is an aluminum V6 with over 335hp that can be found in the Camaro, Cadillac CTS, STS, Malibu and a host of other vehicles. Since it has a “V” configuration, changes to the body include dual side exhaust, as well as new nose vents to send cold air directly to the front brakes. While all the new changes are already available, new pricing will be introduced in 2016, so call now to get the best deals. 

In other news, the Naked Cat takes a cue from the strong “exocar” market, and is available with a minimum of bodywork.  This raw version of the Catfish will be lighter and have a price point below $10,000. Even though it’s not clothed in Catfish bodywork, it is possible to order and install the full Catfish body and windscreen at any time. Custom minimalist bodywork is included along with fenders so that this track-oriented car will be accepted at your local track events. Estimated weight is 1,500 lbs when complete, and each car also accepts the LFX engine, or any engine currently used in the Mazda Miata (LS3, J35, 13B, 1.8 Turbo, etc.).

Lastly, the CFR Apex is a hard-core, race-inspired body that's intended for more downforce and more horsepower. It will debut in 2016 in racing trim and uses the LFX engine package.  The included sneak peek picture of this car is the first one to be shown in public!

Enhancements to this car will include a stiffer chassis made to accept the LFX or high-horsepower Mazda drivetrain, V8 Roadster’s tubular K-member, tubular A-arms with Heim joints, tubular rear sub-assembly, and a wild body package with a massive rear diffuser and massive engine vents to release the heat of big engines at the race track. An Aisin MV7 transmission and Getrag 3.23 rear LSD differential (stock on Camaro and Cadillac) should give a theoretical gear-limited top speed of 203 mph. With a horsepower to weight ratio of around 5:1, performance is expected to be stunning.  When complete, less than five percent of the car will have Mazda-based parts.

 One more item: the Catfish will be campaigned at this year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill by Ron Cortez and Team CRE in the open "ESR" class using a supercharged 1.8 Mazda engine and a few other performance enhancements.

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