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						Bauer Limited Production Catfish 1
Fish Are Jumpin’

The Catfish is a new two-seat speedster from Bauer Limited Production. The foundation is a DOM tube-frame chassis, fitted with a composite body, and uses the 1990-2005 Miata as its single-car donor. The Mazda Miata is the most-raced car in the world, which means that there are not only many donor cars available at great pricing, but also a large aftermarket from which to find performance parts and tech advice.

 Why call it the Catfish?  While the car designer was given the task to create a “Retro Mod” British sports car with flowing lines and hints to the cars of the Fifties, he also happened to be looking at a picture of a catfish for inspiration. If you look closely, the wide mouth and catfish eyes are a dead giveaway.    

Build time is estimated to be a very short 100-150 hours, depending on modifications and access to help. This quick build time is aided by a frame that is made to literally drop on top of the engine/suspension/drivetrain once the Miata unibody is removed (six to eight hours). The builder then simply plumbs and wires the car, reinstalls the steering and pedals and mounts the bodywork. The entire kit is available partially pre-assembled, and includes pre-drilled mounting holes in the aluminum paneling so assembly is a snap.

With a street weight of 1,550lbs and horsepower ranging from 90whp (stock 1990 Miata) to 265whp (Miata engine with turbo), sports car to supercar performance is available.  For those who think too much is never enough, a V8 Ford or Chevy LSX package will be available soon. The first car is driving around the streets of Southern California now, and only a limited number will be available every year, guaranteeing that you’ll be the only kid on your block with a Catfish in your garage.

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