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						Shell Valley
Shell Valley Classic Wheels Inc.

Shell Valley celebrates 45 years in the replica business

Shell Valley is celebrating over 45 years of sales and service. We feel honored and fortunate to have had the opportunity to continue the legacy of producing the beautiful and nostalgic Cobra replica kit car, along with our ’29 “A” Roadster, Daytona Coupe Series II, Cheetah, Jag and our line of Jeep fiberglass bodies. While many kit car replica companies have entered and left the industry, Shell Valley has continued to be the leader in kit car replicas because of our dedicated and talented staff, and our thousands of satisfied, loyal customers.

 Shell Valley Classic Wheels Inc.  |  23119 287th St.  |  Platte Center, NE 68653

888-246-0900  |  www.shellvalley.com

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