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SEMA 2020: Inside TREMEC’s New TKX Five-Speed

TREMEC unveils compact TKX five-speed for aftermarket applications

By Dean Larson

Photos courtesy of TREMEC

Last week at the 2020 SEMA 360 online trade show, TREMEC announced an all-new five-speed manual transmission that could become the new standard in kit and classic car applications. It features a compact case design and multiple shifter locations, and TREMEC states that the design will suit most installations with little to no floor pan modifications.

The new rear-wheel drive, five-speed TKX is designed purely for aftermarket applications, such as upgrading a classic pony car or custom builds where space is limited in the transmission tunnel, and we won't be seeing it in any OEM applications. Beyond the small footprint, guiding principles in the design were universal packaging, excellent shifting performance and extreme durability.

We listened to our customers, combined their suggestions with our OEM technology and strengthened our aftermarket line up with the addition of the TKX,” says Mike Kidd, aftermarket business unit manager at TREMEC.

Getting down to nuts and bolts, the five-speed, single-overdrive transmission features an end-loading, three-piece case design that's available in Ford and GM input configurations with integrated Ford and GM transmission mount patterns. Three different shifter locations are accommodated for improved adaptability, and tapered bearings are used on all support locations for much smoother shifting than older OEM units.

Other advanced features in this transmission include hybrid synchronizer rings made of sintered bronze and carbon and multi-cone synchronizers, which help improve performance by spreading force across multiple surfaces, increasing the capacity of the synchronizer. Additionally, all gears are oversized for durability, and gears are supported by needle bearings to reduce endplay. The main shaft of the transmission is supported by a triple support structure and the countershaft is double supported. TREMEC states that the result of this is a transmission that shifts faster and smoother at higher engine rpm, with less noise and vibration transferred into the cockpit as well.

By way of finished specifications, the TREMEC TKX is rated to 600 lb-ft and engines speeds of 8,000 rpm with 7,500 rpm shift capability. The transmission comes in at 114 pounds finished, and measures approximately 32 inches long by 10.5 inches wide. With the compact case size, TREMEC reports that they've installed the transmission in host of old muscle machines and pony cars and found that the TKX provides great clearance in the transmission tunnel, all while adding a fifth gear.

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