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						Kevin Roots Enigma Cars
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Kevin Roots Enigma cars

Englishmen go out in the midday sun and work on British cars. Well, this Englishman Kevin Roots does, renovating and restoring the best and worst of fine automobile engineering in California’s high desert. He practiced his fluency in Lucas and fed a passion with MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars and others over the past several years. Then on a trip to England the Enigma appeared in his life.

Enigma is the embodiment of British design, being the accepted design for the new Austin Healey before the demise of Austin-Rover, with the reliability of a Japanese watch. Build on a custom-designed steel chassis with a fiberglass core constructed body and Mazda MX5 mechanicals, it’s the perfect mix. Available in kit and rolling chassis the Enigma is a new concept in home-constructed cars at a real world price.

So, now Roots has the pleasure of putting a smile on his customers’ faces when their long stored cars run again and the opportunity to supply them with the best of British (and Japanese).

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